Es geht um dieses Bild

Simplicius, the Thinker,
mit diesen Kernsätzen:

„Personally, I’m inclined to agree with the statements of this Russian mil-blogger, Zhivoz:

„My prediction regarding the beginning of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine turned out to be exceptionally correct, as well as the motives that drive the scriptwriters of this offensive.


1. The fundamental goal of Ukraine and its allies is not the military defeat of Russia (this is an accompanying goal), but an attempt to bring down the entire system of power in Russia. Not to „remove Putin“, namely to bring down the statehood.

2. The offensive, attacks by the Kremlin and other acts, including the choice of a date for May 9 – all these are elements of a complex scenario for the formation of public opinion in Russia unacceptable to the Kremlin, including among the military.

3. For these purposes, all means are used, including the very active work of spies and traitors in Russia itself, the superiority in the information component, Moscow’s excessive humanism.

4. Based on these theses, it can be assumed that Kiev should receive serious military successes within a week, exactly by Victory Day. Hybrid attacks on Russian regions will continue, their goal is not so much damage as great humiliation.

5. At the front, in the near future, one can expect a massive missile volley both at troop positions and at rear facilities. And work on the NATO tactics of multiple strikes, infiltration, and so on.

The only true counter-scenario for Russia : an immediate exit from all „deals“. Generally from all. Forever. And a powerful strike with all available means of destruction, with the exception of nuclear weapons, as well as declaring Ukraine a terrorist state, and all its leaders – war criminals, with their warrant for their indefinite destruction.“


Und dies sagt einer der Kommentatoren unter dem Artikel von Simpl:

„Es ist absurd, dass der Westen und die Ukraine glauben, dass ein solcher Angriff Chaos in den Köpfen und Herzen der Russen verursachen kann. Nur das Gegenteil.“

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