What a wonderful future!

Office workers can now work from home and enjoy not to be harassed by their predatory boss.

Shop owners can now enjoy bankruptcy and look forward to unemployment benefits.

Hotel owners can now sell their buildings and go fishing in the village brook.

Teachers are happy that their masked pupils ask fewer questions.

Plain girls are happy to attain equality: They now look like everyone else.

Burqa wearers are happy to be finally treated like first-rate citizens.

Investors are happy as the value of their IT stocks rockets upwards.

Mr. Bill Gates is happy that he may get his 7 billion children inoculated.

Politicians are happy to see voters believe in state truths.

Young people are happy that they will never need to work.

Huxley is happy that the he predicted correctly the future.

Everybody is happy except for a few oldies who keep talking about democracy, human rights and the virtue of work. These old farts are apparently stuck in the ideology of the 20th century. But they will get used to the new great digital paradise prepared by the World Economic Forum, the IMF and Blackrock. Compliance is infectious.

What a great vision for humanity.  

Thank you Mr. Covid-19!  

gez.: Elias Davidsson

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